Dev Log #2 - Player Events, Balance Changes, and More!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long delay between dev logs. We bit off a bit more than we could chew with this one so we'll have to break this next patch into two chunks, with this being the first. So sorry for that and in the future we'll be sure to be more focused with our patches to bring you more content in faster doses. Anyway, enough of the intro, let's get into the patch!

Closed Beta 1.02

Player Event System:

As of 1.02 we have implemented and tested the first phase of our Player Event System. The PES, for short, is a unique system run by Event Hosts who are democratically voted in by the community from a list of applying Moderators. With this system our Event Hosts can use a series of tailored chat commands to host server wide mini games and events for anyone and everyone to join! As of the patch we have our first and only one finished: Free-For-All. FFA is a fast paced battle royale where, after a countdown you and other participants are warped into a small arena where the last one standing will be rewarded with Game Tokens which can be redeemed for exclusive cosmetics and toys! We have many more games in the making and I can't wait to see how you guys engage with this, I think it will be a lot of fun!


The Closed Beta has given us a lot of information so far and a lot of balance changes have been made since the last patch. A lot of these values have been changed mutliple times on the way and may be due for more changes before we go to Open Beta. So for the sake of time I'll be going over balance changes in a more broad way than the normal number specific changes.


*All new SpellFX

*Morale Boost has replaced Adrenaline as ULTIMATE with increased potency.

*Adrenaline has lower values and a lower cooldown as well as no longer being an ULTIMATE


*All new SpellFX

*All base scaling values have been raised on abilities


*All new SpellFX

*Double and Triple shot have gained increased Agility Scaling


*Riposte has been replaced with Dispatch, a 6 tile range Warp To Target ability that deals magic damage on hit.


*Culling is now a forward firing projectile with greater range.


*Shinobi has been completely reworked, new class preview to come in Discord


*Warding replaced with Harvest Blessing, a single target buff and heal over time.


*All gear below Rare has had their base stat gains removed.

*All gear Rare and above have had their base stat yields decreased

*Gear from the Seamother is now Rare, down from Epic.

*Emerald Wall from the Harvest Cleric is now an Epic, down from Legendary.

*All item selling prices have been reduced, with the exception of gemstones.


*Seabreeze Cavern has been reduced to a Level 12 dungeon and had it's drops, mobs, and bossfight reduced in power accordingly.

*Harvest Golems now cast Entangle

*Harvest Cleric now drops an Epic armor set.

*Miner's Cave has been given Dungeon status as a level 8 Dungeon and now awards 1 Explorer Token per clear

*Explorer Token yield per clear is now increased based on Dungeon difficulty

Open Beta:

I'd like to take this time to announce that in the very near future, we will be going live on Steam for our Early Access release. AKA Open Beta. During this time the game and our development skills will be tested as we'll likely be flooded with players early on, beyond our team's capacity to control. We hope that you'll stick with us through it, and with your help we can create an awesome game that we all love to play together! Thank you guys so much for your support so far on this journey and I can't wait to talk to you in the next Dev Log! Ciao~

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