Closed Beta Release 0.3.0

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since our Alpha tests a few months ago, but I'm happy to announce that the game is back online and we have tons of new features to talk about here!


As you start your journey in Artemia you will be weak, but not defenseless. As you slay monsters and complete quests your level will raise, granting you access to new abilities based on your class. During the time of this release the maximum level is 15. After reaching Level 15 you may also begin unlocking "Prestige Classes" which i will be discussed in the next section.

Prestige Classes:

After reaching the maximum level you may find strange travelers throughout the world who will offer to train you in their style of combat. These classes can be challenging to attain but you will unlock them permanently, allowing you to switch between any unlocked classes at will. These classes will come with every skill unlocked but will potentially require new gear.

PvP & Ranking

The core of any good online game is it's endgame, which is why we've focused on creating 2 seperate seasonal ranking systems based on performance. First is your Explorer Rank which can be increased by completing dungeons or slaying players in the overworld. The second is Arena Rank which can only be increased by winning matches in the Colosseum, fair, 1v1 matches. Each player can redeem their Ranked Points for exclusive rewards each season end.

Thats it for today's update! I can't wait to see you all in Artemia, I'll talk to you next patch <3

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